Sunday, September 18, 2011


I'm feeling particularly aspirational at the moment. There are so many things that I want to do that are being clouded by the things that I have to do. In order to manage my thoughts I will do what I do best... LIST EVERYTHING. 

Things that I have to do:
  1. work on the papers I have due tomorrow
  2. readings due for international relations tomorrow

Things that I want to do:
  1. get two tattoos: I want the quote "'After all of this time, Severus?' 'Always.'" from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ( I admit to being a huge fan of these novels and consider them an incredible influence on myself), and I would like to get a mountain range of my foot. However, I will only allow myself to get these when I have completed the Appalachian Trail.
  2. complete the appalachian trail in one sweep
  3. begin studying for the LSAT
  4. do more reading
  5. manage money in a more efficient way
I am extremely torn about doing the Appalachian Trail. I really want to do it because I enjoy being outside where the only thing that matters is that you're breathing, not what you're wearing, not how your hair looks, not where you're going later, nothing. I just want to be outside and in my natural state. This sounds extremely angsty and stupid but i love just being outside where everything is at peace and the only thing that you have to do all day is walk along a trail and see some of the most incredible views in the world. I just have everyone around me telling me that I shouldn't do it and that I have no idea what I'm getting into and that I just shouldn't do it. I plan to graduate from college  a semester early and beginning my treck which would put me at a start date somewhere in January of 2013. I always think of this and get extremely excited. I can't wait. I can't let this be just another thing that I say I will do and allow it to slip through my fingers. I need to do this for myself to prove that I can do more that daily tasks that everyone does. The main problem: I have never been camping. I have ordered books about the treck and personal accounts from other thru hikers and I have arranged times to finally take that first step and go and I am even more excited now than ever. But back to the day to day...

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